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Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist

Badass app!

Craig Maire Storm Chaser

Absolutely rocks

See severe weather with augmented reality! Tornado Vision can help you see tornadoes hiding in the rain or at night. Simply point your phone at any severe storm and you'll get a heads up display on what is happening inside the storm. Groundbreaking weather technology. 

  • Augmented Reality displays chance of tornado, hail (and size) and wind when looking at a storm.
  • Augmented Reality displays if you are in tornado or severe thunderstorm warning. 
  • Augmented reality displays any Tornado or Hail reports.
  • Four specially designed camera filters help bring out tornadoes hiding in the rain. 
  • Night mode automatically captures hidden night-time tornadoes.
  • Bring up data on storm characteristics, including rotation, maximum hail size and lightning flash rate. 
  • Bring up environmental data like storm relative helicity, CAPE and bulk wind.

The ultimate app for meteorologists, storm chasers and weather enthusiasts who are serious about forecasting severe weather.

  • High resolution radar
  • GOES-16
  • Mesoanalysis
  • HRRR
  • NCEP Fronts
  • NAM 3km
  • SPC Outlooks
  • Surface Obs
  • Forecast soundings

Defend yourself from hailstorms! Hail No! Is the first hail app to provide real-time tracking and alert notifications. Highest resolution hail map that updates every 2 minutes.

  • MRMS Hail Map
  • Real-time tracking
  • Radius & Size options
  • Hail size legend
  • Push Notifications
  • Defense Mode
  • 24hr hail tracks
  • Real-time hail reports