Hail No: App Review

Hail No is an app designed for anyone who needs to know of an approaching hail storm, this could be a car dealership, people who are traveling, motorcyclists, meteorologists, storm chasers. When you first download the app you select your location and the hail size and how long of a lead time you want a warning for. For instance, if you are concerned about damage to your vehicle, you could select 1.5″ hail as a threshold and 30 miles as your warning radius, which is plenty of time to move your truck.

An alert will be sent as a push notification, so there is no need to have the app opened. When you open the app you will see a map with your selected location, your radius and colors denoting the hail size and a legend. This hail map is produced with the latest NSSL algorithm for hail size estimation and updated ever 3-4 minutes.

Real-time storm reports from multiple feeds will display on the map you can click on these for more information.

Hail No PRO subscribers have access to defense mode. Let’s say you are going on the move, traveling across country – just hit Defense Mode and Hail No will monitor your location for the next 24 hours. If you happen to be driving and a hail storm is detected you’ll get an immediate alert!

Another feature of Hail No is for people who want to see the hail tracks for the last 24 hours, just hit 24HR Hail and it will display the full map of the last 24 hours.

Here’s more images of Hail No in action: