Tornado Vision: App Review

Tornado Vision is an app that combines three separate features to be the ultimate assistant for those who are interested to keep situational awareness of severe weather.

For one the app uses augmented reality to display the nearest storm to you with the latest data including the chance of hail, tornado and wind as well as information about warnings and storm reports as well as direction and distance. You can click on any of these icons to get a more detailed display.

Here you can see a tutorial of all the individual augmented reality features for a storm when using Tornado Vision.

Tornado Vision also has filters that were tested on hundreds of low contrast tornadoes, usually those hidden in the rain that help you bring out the details.

This tornado WAS NOT visible to the naked eye at this point but with the help of Tornado Vision is 100% visible. The last feature of Tornado Vision is the lightning trigger, at night it’s incredibly hard to see a torando except for a momentary flash of lightning, by switching to night mode you can have it freeze whenever a certain illumination point is reached, this will help you see tornadoes more easily.

Here are videos of Tornado Vision being used around severe storms.

The full features of TornadoVision are:

Augmented Reality displays chance of tornado, hail (and size) and wind when looking at a storm.

Augmented Reality displays if you are in tornado or severe thunderstorm warning.

Augmented reality displays any Tornado or Hail reports.

Four specially designed camera filters help bring out tornadoes hiding in the rain.

Night mode automatically captures hidden night-time tornadoes.

Bring up data on storm characteristics, including rotation, maximum hail size and lightning flash rate.

Bring up environmental data like storm relative helicity, CAPE and bulk wind.