May 8, 2017 Insane Denver Hailstorm

On May 8, 2017, a severe hailstorm struck the Denver metropolitan area, causing widespread damage and disrupting daily life for thousands of residents. The storm, which lasted for several hours,... read more

The Best Tornado Movies & Series

Storm chasing and tornado-themed movies and TV series have captivated audiences for decades, offering a thrilling glimpse into the world of extreme weather and the brave individuals who pursue it.... read more

Hail No: App Review

Hail No is an app designed for anyone who needs to know of an approaching hail storm, this could be a car dealership, people who are traveling, motorcyclists, meteorologists, storm... read more

Building the Ultimate Storm Chasing Vehicle: From Basic Upgrades to Extreme Modifications

The thrill of witnessing nature's raw power draws countless adventurers into the world of storm chasing. However, venturing into the heart of extreme weather requires more than just courage; it... read more

Top 5 Hurricane Myths Debunked

Hurricane Mythbusters: Taping Windows Does NOT Save You As hurricane season approaches, preparation becomes paramount for those living in vulnerable coastal regions. Amidst the flurry of activity – securing outdoor... read more

Advancing Severe Weather Detection: The Rise of Dual Polarization Radar in the US

Weather radar has always been a cornerstone of meteorological observation and forecasting. Yet, traditional radar systems, while effective, were limited in their ability to decipher the complexities within storms, often... read more

Hurricane Andrew: A South Florida Nightmare – August 24, 1992

The morning of August 24, 1992, dawned bright and clear in South Florida, but the calm was a cruel deception. Lurking in the Atlantic, Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 monster,... read more

The Destructive Power of EF-5 Tornadoes: A Look at the Rarest and Most Devastating Twisters The rarity of EF-5 tornadoes can be attributed to the specific atmospheric conditions required for their formation. These conditions include a combination of strong wind shear, instability, and moisture.... read more

Unraveling the Secrets of Severe Weather: The Supercell Composite Parameter and Its Vital Role in Forecasting

In the world of meteorology, forecasting severe weather events is a complex and challenging task. To help predict the likelihood of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, meteorologists rely on various tools... read more
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